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Joshua 20:5

20:5 When the avenger of blood comes after him, they must not hand over to him the one who committed manslaughter, for he accidentally killed his fellow man without premeditation. 1 

Joshua 20:9

20:9 These were the cities of refuge 2  appointed for all the Israelites and for resident foreigners living among them. Anyone who accidentally killed someone could escape there and not be executed by 3  the avenger of blood, at least until his case was reviewed by the assembly. 4 

1 tn Heb “for without knowledge he killed his neighbor, and he was not hating him prior to that.”

2 tn The Hebrew text reads simply “the cities.” The words “for refuge” are supplied for clarification.

3 tn Heb “and not die by the hand of.”

4 tn Heb “until he stands before the assembly.” The words “at least” are supplied for clarification.

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