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John 5:32-36

5:32 There is another 1  who testifies about me, and I know the testimony he testifies about me is true. 5:33 You have sent to John, 2  and he has testified to the truth. 5:34 (I do not accept 3  human testimony, but I say this so that you may be saved.) 5:35 He was a lamp that was burning and shining, 4  and you wanted to rejoice greatly for a short time 5  in his light.

5:36 “But I have a testimony greater than that from John. For the deeds 6  that the Father has assigned me to complete – the deeds 7  I am now doing – testify about me that the Father has sent me.

1 sn To whom does another refer? To John the Baptist or to the Father? In the nearer context, v. 33, it would seem to be John the Baptist. But v. 34 seems to indicate that Jesus does not receive testimony from men. Probably it is better to view v. 32 as identical to v. 37, with the comments about the Baptist as a parenthetical digression.

2 sn John refers to John the Baptist.

3 tn Or “I do not receive.”

4 sn He was a lamp that was burning and shining. Sir 48:1 states that the word of Elijah was “a flame like a torch.” Because of the connection of John the Baptist with Elijah (see John 1:21 and the note on John’s reply, “I am not”), it was natural for Jesus to apply this description to John.

5 tn Grk “for an hour.”

6 tn Or “works.”

7 tn Grk “complete, which I am now doing”; the referent of the relative pronoun has been specified by repeating “deeds” from the previous clause.

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