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Job 8:20-22

Behold, God
will not cast away
<03988> (8799)
a perfect
[man], neither will he help
<02388> (8686) <03027>
the evil doers
<07489> (8688)_:
{help...: Heb. take the ungodly by the hand} {come: Heb. shall not be}
Till he fill
<04390> (8762)
thy mouth
with laughing
and thy lips
with rejoicing
{rejoicing: Heb. shouting for joy}
They that hate
<08130> (8802)
thee shall be clothed
<03847> (8799)
with shame
and the dwelling
place of the wicked
shall come to nought
{shall come...: Heb. shall not be}

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