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Job 36:18-19


36:18 Be careful that 1  no one entices you with riches;

do not let a large bribe 2  turn you aside.

36:19 Would your wealth 3  sustain you,

so that you would not be in distress, 4 

even all your mighty efforts? 5 

1 tn The first expression is idiomatic: the text says, “because wrath lest it entice you” – thus, beware.

2 tn The word is כֹּפֶר (kofer), often translated “ransom,” but frequently in the sense of a bribe.

3 tn The form in the MT is “your cry (for help).” See J. E. Hartley (Job [NICOT], 472-73) and E. Dhorme (Job, 547-48) on the difficulties.

4 tn This part has only two words לֹא בְצָר (lobÿtsar, “not in distress”). The negated phrase serves to explain the first colon.

5 tc For the many suggestions and the reasoning here, see the commentaries.

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