Job 34:26-27

34:26 He strikes them for their wickedness,

in a place where people can see,

34:27 because they have turned away from following him,

and have not understood any of his ways,

tn Heb “under wicked men,” or “under wickednesses.” J. C. Greenfield shows that the preposition can mean “among” as well (“Prepositions B Tachat in Jes 57:5,” ZAW 32 [1961]: 227). That would allow “among wicked men.” It could also be “instead of” or even “in return for [their wickedness]” which is what the RSV does.

tn The text simply uses רֹאִים (roim): “[in the place where there are] seers,” i.e., spectators.

tn The verb הִשְׂכִּילוּ (hiskilu) means “to be prudent; to be wise.” From this is derived the idea of “be wise in understanding God’s will,” and “be successful because of prudence” – i.e., successful with God.