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Job 34:26-27


34:26 He strikes them for their wickedness, 1 

in a place where people can see, 2 

34:27 because they have turned away from following him,

and have not understood 3  any of his ways,

1 tn Heb “under wicked men,” or “under wickednesses.” J. C. Greenfield shows that the preposition can mean “among” as well (“Prepositions B Tachat in Jes 57:5,” ZAW 32 [1961]: 227). That would allow “among wicked men.” It could also be “instead of” or even “in return for [their wickedness]” which is what the RSV does.

2 tn The text simply uses רֹאִים (roim): “[in the place where there are] seers,” i.e., spectators.

3 tn The verb הִשְׂכִּילוּ (hiskilu) means “to be prudent; to be wise.” From this is derived the idea of “be wise in understanding God’s will,” and “be successful because of prudence” – i.e., successful with God.

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