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Job 30:5-6


30:5 They were banished from the community 1 

people 2  shouted at them

like they would shout at thieves 3 

30:6 so that they had to live 4 

in the dry stream beds, 5 

in the holes of the ground, and among the rocks.

1 tn The word גֵּו (gev) is an Aramaic term meaning “midst,” indicating “midst [of society].” But there is also a Phoenician word that means “community” (DISO 48).

2 tn The form simply is the plural verb, but it means those who drove them from society.

3 tn The text merely says “as thieves,” but it obviously compares the poor to the thieves.

4 tn This use of the infinitive construct expresses that they were compelled to do something (see GKC 348-49 §114.h, k).

5 tn The adjectives followed by a partitive genitive take on the emphasis of a superlative: “in the most horrible of valleys” (see GKC 431 §133.h).

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