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Job 29:1


IV. Job’s Concluding Soliloquy (29:1-31:40)

Job Recalls His Former Condition 1 

29:1 Then Job continued 2  his speech:

1 sn Now that the debate with his friends is over, Job concludes with a soliloquy, just as he had begun with one. Here he does not take into account his friends or their arguments. The speech has three main sections: Job’s review of his former circumstances (29:1-25); Job’s present misery (30:1-31); and Job’s vindication of his life (31:1-40).

2 tn The verse uses a verbal hendiadys: “and he added (וַיֹּסֶף, vayyosef)…to raise (שְׂאֵת, sÿet) his speech.” The expression means that he continued, or he spoke again.

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