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Job 20:29


20:29 Such is the lot God allots the wicked,

and the heritage of his appointment 1  from God.”

Job 27:13


27:13 This is the portion of the wicked man

allotted by God, 2 

the inheritance that evildoers receive

from the Almighty.

Job 31:2


31:2 What then would be one’s lot from God above,

one’s heritage from the Almighty 3  on high?

1 tn For the word אִמְרוֹ (’imro) some propose reading “his appointment,” and the others, “his word.” Driver shows that “the heritage of his appointment” means “his appointed heritage” (see GKC 440 §135.n).

2 tn The expression “allotted by God” interprets the simple prepositional phrase in the text: “with/from God.”

3 tn Heb “lot of Shaddai,” which must mean “the lot from Shaddai,” a genitive of source.

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