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Job 15:32


15:32 Before his time 1  he will be paid in full, 2 

and his branches will not flourish. 3 

Job 19:7

Job’s Abandonment and Affliction

19:7 “If 4  I cry out, 5  ‘Violence!’ 6 

I receive no answer; 7 

I cry for help,

but there is no justice.

1 tn Heb “before his day.”

2 tn Those who put the last colon of v. 31 with v. 32 also have to change the verb תִּמָּלֵא (timmale’, “will be fulfilled”). E. Dhorme (Job, 225) says, “a mere glance at the use of yimmal…abundantly proves that the original text had timmal (G, Syr., Vulg), which became timmale’ through the accidental transposition of the ‘alep of bÿsio…in verse 31….” This, of course, is possible, if all the other changes up to now are granted. But the meaning of a word elsewhere in no way assures it should be the word here. The LXX has “his harvest shall perish before the time,” which could translate any number of words that might have been in the underlying Hebrew text. A commercial metaphor is not out of place here, since parallelism does not demand that the same metaphor appear in both lines.

3 tn Now, in the second half of the verse, the metaphor of a tree with branches begins.

4 tn The particle is used here as in 9:11 (see GKC 497 §159.w).

5 tc The LXX has “I laugh at reproach.”

6 tn The same idea is expressed in Jer 20:8 and Hab 1:2. The cry is a cry for help, that he has been wronged, that there is no justice.

7 tn The Niphal is simply “I am not answered.” See Prov 21:13b.

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