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Job 12:6


12:6 But 1  the tents of robbers are peaceful,

and those who provoke God are confident 2 

who carry their god in their hands. 3 

Job 26:3


26:3 How you have advised the one without wisdom,

and abundantly 4  revealed your insight!

1 tn The verse gives the other side of the coin now, the fact that the wicked prosper.

2 tn The plural is used to suggest the supreme degree of arrogant confidence (E. Dhorme, Job, 171).

3 sn The line is perhaps best understood as describing one who thinks he is invested with the power of God.

4 tc The phrase לָרֹב (larov) means “to abundance” or “in a large quantity.” It is also used ironically like all these expressions. This makes very good sense, but some wish to see a closer parallel and so offer emendations. Reiske and Kissane thought “to the tender” for the word. But the timid are not the same as the ignorant and unwise. So Graetz supplied “to the boorish” by reading לְבָעַר (lÿbaar). G. R. Driver did the same with less of a change: לַבּוֹר (labbor; HTR 29 [1936]: 172).

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