Job 12:11

12:11 Does not the ear test words,

as the tongue tastes food?

Job 20:13

20:13 if he retains it for himself

and does not let it go,

and holds it fast in his mouth,

Job 34:3

34:3 For the ear assesses words

as the mouth tastes food.

tn The ו (vav) introduces the comparison here (see 5:7; 11:12); see GKC 499 §161.a.

tn Heb “the palate.”

tn The final preposition with its suffix is to be understood as a pleonastic dativus ethicus and not translated (see GKC 439 §135.i).

sn In the rest of the chapter Job turns his attention away from creation to the wisdom of ancient men. In Job 13:1 when Job looks back to this part, he refers to both the eye and the ear. In vv. 13-25 Job refers to many catastrophes which he could not have seen, but must have heard about.

tn Heb “in the middle of his palate.”

tn Or “examines; tests; tries; discerns.”

tn Or “palate”; the Hebrew term refers to the tongue or to the mouth in general.