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Jeremiah 44:12-13

44:12 I will see to it that all the Judean remnant that was determined to go 1  and live in the land of Egypt will be destroyed. Here in the land of Egypt they will fall in battle 2  or perish from starvation. People of every class 3  will die in war or from starvation. They will become an object of horror and ridicule, an example of those who have been cursed and that people use in pronouncing a curse. 4  44:13 I will punish those who live in the land of Egypt with war, starvation, and disease just as I punished Jerusalem.

1 tn Heb “they set their face to go.” Compare 44:11 and 42:14 and see the translator’s note at 42:15.

2 tn Heb “fall by the sword.”

3 tn Or “All of them without distinction,” or “All of them from the least important to the most important”; Heb “From the least to the greatest.” See the translator’s note on 42:1 for the meaning of this idiom.

4 tn See the study note on 24:9 and the usage in 29:22 for the meaning and significance of this last phrase.

sn See Jer 42:18 for parallel usage.

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