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Jeremiah 40:10

40:10 I for my part will stay at Mizpah to represent you before the Babylonians 1  whenever they come to us. You for your part go ahead and harvest the wine, the dates, the figs, 2  and the olive oil, and store them in jars. Go ahead and settle down in the towns that you have taken over.” 3 

1 tn Heb “Chaldeans.” See the study note on 21:4 for explanation.

2 tn Heb “summer fruit.” “Summer fruit” is meaningless to most modern readers; dates and figs are what is involved.

3 tn This plus “Things will go well with you” is in essence the substance of the oath. The pronouns are emphatic, “And I, behold I will stay…and you, you may gather.” The imperatives in the second half of the verse are more a form of permission than of command or advice (cf. NJPS, REB, TEV and compare the usage in 40:4 and the references in the translator’s note there).

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