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Judges 20:48--21:1

20:48 The Israelites returned to the Benjaminite towns 1  and put the sword to them. They wiped out the cities, 2  the animals, and everything they could find. They set fire to every city in their path. 3 

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21:1 The Israelites had taken an oath in Mizpah, saying, “Not one of us will allow his daughter to marry a Benjaminite.”

1 tn Heb “to the sons of Benjamin.”

2 tc The translation is based on the reading מֵעִיר מְתִים (meir mÿtim, “from a city of men,” i.e., “an inhabited city”), rather than the reading מֵעִיר מְתֹם (meir mÿtom, “from a city of soundness”) found in the Leningrad Codex (L).

3 tn Heb “Also all the cities that were found they set on fire.”

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