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Judges 16:3

16:3 Samson spent half the night with the prostitute; then he got up in the middle of the night and left. 1  He grabbed the doors of the city gate, as well as the two posts, and pulled them right off, bar and all. 2  He put them on his shoulders and carried them up to the top of a hill east of Hebron. 3 

Judges 16:14

16:14 So she made him go to sleep, wove the seven braids of his hair into the fabric on the loom, fastened it with the pin, and said to him, “The Philistines are here, 4  Samson!” 5  He woke up 6  and tore away the pin of the loom and the fabric.

1 tn Heb “And Samson lay until the middle of the night and arose in the middle of the night.”

2 tn Heb “with the bar.”

3 tn Heb “which is upon the face of Hebron.”

4 tn Heb “are upon you.”

5 tc The MT of vv. 13b-14a reads simply, “He said to her, ‘If you weave the seven braids of my head with the web.’ And she fastened with the pin and said to him.” The additional words in the translation, “and secure it with the pin, I will become weak and be like any other man.’ 16:14 So she made him go to sleep, wove the seven braids of his hair into the fabric on the loom,” which without doubt represent the original text, are supplied from the ancient Greek version. (In both vv. 13b and 14a the Greek version has “to the wall” after “with the pin,” but this is an interpretive addition that reflects a misunderstanding of ancient weaving equipment. See G. F. Moore, Judges [ICC], 353-54.) The Hebrew textual tradition was accidentally shortened during the copying process. A scribe’s eye jumped from the first instance of “with the web” to the second, causing him to leave out inadvertently the intervening words.

6 tn The Hebrew adds, “from his sleep.” This has not been included in the translation for stylistic reasons.

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