Isaiah 65:13

65:13 So this is what the sovereign Lord says:

“Look, my servants will eat, but you will be hungry!

Look, my servants will drink, but you will be thirsty!

Look, my servants will rejoice, but you will be humiliated!

Isaiah 65:21-23

65:21 They will build houses and live in them;

they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit.

65:22 No longer will they build a house only to have another live in it,

or plant a vineyard only to have another eat its fruit,

for my people will live as long as trees,

and my chosen ones will enjoy to the fullest what they have produced.

65:23 They will not work in vain,

or give birth to children that will experience disaster.

For the Lord will bless their children

and their descendants.

tn Heb “they will not build, and another live [in it].”

tn Heb “they will not plant, and another eat.”

tn Heb “for like the days of the tree [will be] the days of my people.”

tn Heb “the work of their hands” (so KJV, NASB, NIV, NRSV); NLT “their hard-won gains.”

tn Heb “and they will not give birth to horror.”

tn Heb “for offspring blessed by the Lord they [will be], and their descendants along with them.”