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Isaiah 60:3


60:3 Nations come to your light,

kings to your bright light.

Isaiah 60:10-11


60:10 Foreigners will rebuild your walls;

their kings will serve you.

Even though I struck you down in my anger,

I will restore my favor and have compassion on you. 1 

60:11 Your gates will remain open at all times;

they will not be shut during the day or at night,

so that the wealth of nations may be delivered,

with their kings leading the way. 2 

Isaiah 60:16


60:16 You will drink the milk of nations;

you will nurse at the breasts of kings. 3 

Then you will recognize that I, the Lord, am your deliverer,

your protector, 4  the powerful ruler of Jacob. 5 

1 tn Heb “in my favor I will have compassion on you.”

2 tn Or “led in procession.” The participle is passive.

3 sn The nations and kings are depicted as a mother nursing her children. Restored Zion will be nourished by them as she receives their wealth as tribute.

4 tn Or “redeemer.” See the note at 41:14.

5 sn See 1:24 and 49:26.

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