Isaiah 60:1-3

Zion’s Future Splendor

60:1 “Arise! Shine! For your light arrives!

The splendor of the Lord shines on you!

60:2 For, look, darkness covers the earth

and deep darkness covers the nations,

but the Lord shines on you;

his splendor appears over you.

60:3 Nations come to your light,

kings to your bright light.

Isaiah 60:19

60:19 The sun will no longer supply light for you by day,

nor will the moon’s brightness shine on you;

the Lord will be your permanent source of light –

the splendor of your God will shine upon you.

tn Or “glory” (so most English versions).

tn The verb “covers” is understood by ellipsis (note the preceding line).

tn Or “glory” (so most English versions); TEV “the brightness of his presence.”

tn Heb “and your God for your splendor.”