Isaiah 56:11

56:11 The dogs have big appetites;

they are never full.

They are shepherds who have no understanding;

they all go their own way,

each one looking for monetary gain.

Isaiah 58:10

58:10 You must actively help the hungry

and feed the oppressed.

Then your light will dispel the darkness,

and your darkness will be transformed into noonday.

sn The phrase never full alludes to the greed of the leaders.

tn Heb “for his gain from his end.”

tn Heb “if you.” See the note on “you must” in v. 9b.

tn Heb “If you furnish for the hungry [with] your being, and the appetite of the oppressed you satisfy.”

tn Heb “will rise in the darkness.”

tn Heb “and your darkness [will be] like noonday.”