Isaiah 49:20-22

49:20 Yet the children born during your time of bereavement

will say within your hearing,

‘This place is too cramped for us,

make room for us so we can live here.’

49:21 Then you will think to yourself,

‘Who bore these children for me?

I was bereaved and barren,

dismissed and divorced.

Who raised these children?

Look, I was left all alone;

where did these children come from?’”

49:22 This is what the sovereign Lord says:

“Look I will raise my hand to the nations;

I will raise my signal flag to the peoples.

They will bring your sons in their arms

and carry your daughters on their shoulders.

tn Heb “me.” The singular is collective.

tn Heb “draw near to me so I can dwell.”

tn Heb “and you will say in your heart.”

tn Or “exiled and thrust away”; NIV “exiled and rejected.”