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Isaiah 3:14


3:14 The Lord comes to pronounce judgment

on the leaders of his people and their officials.

He says, 1  “It is you 2  who have ruined 3  the vineyard! 4 

You have stashed in your houses what you have stolen from the poor. 5 

Isaiah 10:2


10:2 to keep the poor from getting fair treatment,

and to deprive 6  the oppressed among my people of justice,

so they can steal what widows own,

and loot what belongs to orphans. 7 

1 tn The words “he says” are supplied in the translation for stylistic reasons.

2 tn The pronominal element is masculine plural; the leaders are addressed.

3 tn The verb בָּעַר (baar, “graze, ruin”; HALOT 146 s.v. II בער) is a homonym of the more common בָּעַר (baar, “burn”; see HALOT 145 s.v. I בער).

4 sn The vineyard is a metaphor for the nation here. See 5:1-7.

5 tn Heb “the plunder of the poor [is] in your houses” (so NASB).

6 tn Or “rob” (ASV, NASB, NCV, NRSV); KJV “take away the right from the poor.”

7 tn Heb “so that widows are their plunder, and they can loot orphans.”

sn On the socio-economic background of vv. 1-2, see the note at 1:23.

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