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Isaiah 30:11-12


30:11 Turn aside from the way,

stray off the path. 1 

Remove from our presence the Holy One of Israel.” 2 

30:12 For this reason this is what the Holy One of Israel says:

“You have rejected this message; 3 

you trust instead in your ability to oppress and trick, 4 

and rely on that kind of behavior. 5 

1 sn The imagery refers to the way or path of truth, as revealed by God to the prophet.

2 sn See the note on the phrase “the Holy One of Israel” in 1:4.

3 tn The sentence actually begins with the word “because.” In the Hebrew text vv. 12-13 are one long sentence.

4 tn Heb “and you trust in oppression and cunning.”

5 tn Heb “and you lean on it”; NAB “and depend on it.”

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