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Isaiah 28:18


28:18 Your treaty with death will be dissolved; 1 

your agreement 2  with Sheol will not last. 3 

When the overwhelming judgment sweeps by, 4 

you will be overrun by it. 5 

1 tn On the meaning of כָּפַר (kafar) in this context, see HALOT 494 s.v. I כפר and J. N. Oswalt, Isaiah (NICOT), 1:515, n. 9.

2 tn Normally the noun חָזוּת (khazut) means “vision.” See the note at v. 15.

3 tn Or “will not stand” (NIV, NRSV).

4 tn See the note at v. 15.

5 tn Heb “you will become a trampling place for it.”

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