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Hosea 13:16


13:16 (14:1) 1  Samaria will be held guilty, 2 

because she rebelled against her God.

They will fall by the sword,

their infants will be dashed to the ground –

their 3  pregnant women will be ripped open.

1 sn Beginning with 13:16, the verse numbers through 14:9 in the English Bible differ by one from the verse numbers in the Hebrew text (BHS), with 13:16 ET = 14:1 HT, 14:1 ET = 14:2 HT, etc., through 14:9 ET = 14:10 HT. Thus ch. 14 in the Hebrew Bible has 10 verses.

2 tn Or “must bear its guilt” (NIV similar); NLT “must bear the consequences of their guilt”; CEV “will be punished.”

3 tn Heb “his.” This is a collective singular, as recognized by almost all English versions.

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