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Genesis 38:12-13


38:12 After some time 1  Judah’s wife, the daughter of Shua, died. After Judah was consoled, he left for Timnah to visit his sheepshearers, along with 2  his friend Hirah the Adullamite. 38:13 Tamar was told, 3  “Look, your father-in-law is going up 4  to Timnah to shear his sheep.”

1 sn After some time. There is not enough information in the narrative to know how long this was. The text says “the days increased.” It was long enough for Shelah to mature and for Tamar to realize she would not have him.

2 tn Heb “and he went up to the shearers of his sheep, he and.”

3 tn Heb “And it was told to Tamar, saying.”

4 tn The active participle indicates the action was in progress or about to begin.

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