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Genesis 10:7

10:7 The sons of Cush were Seba, 1  Havilah, 2  Sabtah, 3  Raamah, 4  and Sabteca. 5  The sons of Raamah were Sheba 6  and Dedan. 7 

Genesis 10:28

10:28 Obal, 8  Abimael, 9  Sheba, 10 

1 sn The descendants of Seba settled in Upper Egypt along the Nile.

2 sn The Hebrew name Havilah apparently means “stretch of sand” (see HALOT 297 s.v. חֲוִילָה). Havilah’s descendants settled in eastern Arabia.

3 sn The descendants of Sabtah settled near the western shore of the Persian Gulf in ancient Hadhramaut.

4 sn The descendants of Raamah settled in southwest Arabia.

5 sn The descendants of Sabteca settled in Samudake, east toward the Persian Gulf.

6 sn Sheba became the name of a kingdom in southwest Arabia.

7 sn The name Dedan is associated with àUla in northern Arabia.

8 sn Obal was a name used for several localities in Yemen.

9 sn The name Abimael is a genuine Sabean form which means “my father, truly, he is God.”

10 sn The descendants of Sheba lived in South Arabia, where the Joktanites were more powerful than the Hamites.

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