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Ezekiel 40:38-43


40:38 There was a chamber with its door by the porch of the gate; 1  there they washed the burnt offering. 40:39 In the porch of the gate were two tables on either side on which to slaughter the burnt offering, the sin offering, and the guilt offering. 40:40 On the outside of the porch as one goes up at the entrance of the north gate were two tables, and on the other side of the porch of the gate were two tables. 40:41 Four tables were on each side of the gate, eight tables on which the sacrifices were to be slaughtered. 40:42 The four tables for the burnt offering were of carved stone, 32 inches 2  long, 32 inches 3  wide, and 21 inches 4  high. They would put the instruments which they used to slaughter the burnt offering and the sacrifice on them. 40:43 There were hooks 5  three inches 6  long, fastened in the house all around, and on the tables was the flesh of the offering.

1 tc The MT reads “jambs of the gates” which does not make sense in a context discussing one chamber. The emendation to “porch” is similar to v. 14. See D. I. Block, Ezekiel (NICOT), 2:530.

2 tn Heb “one and a half cubits” (i.e., 78.75 cm).

3 tn Heb “one and a half cubits” (i.e., 78.75 cm).

4 tn Heb “one cubit” (i.e., 52.5 cm).

5 tc This reading is supported by the Aramaic Targum. The LXX, Vulgate, and Syriac read “shelves” or some type of projection.

6 tn Heb “one handbreadth” (7.5 cm).

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