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Ezekiel 3:12

Ezekiel Before the Exiles

3:12 Then a wind lifted me up 1  and I heard a great rumbling sound behind me as the glory of the Lord rose from its place, 2 

Ezekiel 3:15

3:15 I came to the exiles at Tel Abib, 3  who lived by the Kebar River. 4  I sat dumbfounded among them there, where they were living, for seven days. 5 

1 sn See note on “wind” in 2:2.

2 tc This translation accepts the emendation suggested in BHS of בְּרוּם (bÿrum) for בָּרוּךְ (barukh). The letters mem (מ) and kaph (כ) were easily confused in the old script while בָּרוּךְ (“blessed be”) both implies a quotation which is out of place here and also does not fit the later phrase, “from its place,” which requires a verb of motion.

3 sn The name “Tel Abib” is a transliteration of an Akkadian term meaning “mound of the flood,” i.e., an ancient mound. It is not to be confused with the modern city of Tel Aviv in Israel.

4 tn Or “canal.”

5 sn A similar response to a divine encounter is found in Acts 9:8-9.

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