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Ezekiel 23:31-32

23:31 You have followed the ways of your sister, so I will place her cup of judgment 1  in your hand. 23:32 “This is what the sovereign Lord says: “You will drink your sister’s deep and wide cup; 2  you will be scorned and derided, for it holds a great deal.

1 tn Heb “her cup.” A cup of intoxicating strong drink is used, here and elsewhere, as a metaphor for judgment because both leave one confused and reeling. (See Jer 25:15, 17, 28; Hab 2:16.) The cup of wrath is a theme also found in the NT (Mark 14:36).

2 sn The image of a deep and wide cup suggests the degree of punishment; it will be extensive and leave the victim helpless.

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