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Ezekiel 20:39


20:39 “‘As for you, O house of Israel, this is what the sovereign Lord says: Each of you go and serve your idols, 1  if you will not listen to me. 2  But my holy name will not be profaned 3  again by your sacrifices 4  and your idols.

1 sn Compare the irony here to Amos 4:4 and Jer 44:25.

2 tn Heb “and after, if you will not listen to me.” The translation leaves out “and after” for smoothness. The text is difficult. M. Greenberg (Ezekiel [AB], 1:374) suggests that it may mean “but afterwards, if you will not listen to me…” with an unspoken threat.

3 sn A similar concept may be found in Lev 18:21; 20:3.

4 tn Or “gifts.”

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