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Daniel 7:28


7:28 “This is the conclusion of the matter. As for me, Daniel, my thoughts troubled me greatly, and the color drained from my face. 1  But I kept the matter to myself.” 2 

Daniel 10:9

10:9 I listened to his voice, 3  and as I did so 4  I fell into a trance-like sleep with my face to the ground.

Daniel 10:15


10:15 While he was saying this to me, 5  I was flat on 6  the ground and unable to speak.

1 tn Aram “my brightness was changing on me.”

2 tn Aram “in my heart.”

3 tc Heb “I heard the sound of his words.” These words are absent in the LXX and the Syriac.

4 tn Heb “as I listened to the sound of his words.”

5 tn Heb “speaking to me according to these words.”

6 tn Heb “I placed my face toward.”

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