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Daniel 7:14


7:14 To him was given ruling authority, honor, and sovereignty.

All peoples, nations, and language groups were serving 1  him.

His authority is eternal and will not pass away. 2 

His kingdom will not be destroyed. 3 

Daniel 7:18

7:18 The holy ones 4  of the Most High will receive the kingdom and will take possession of the kingdom forever and ever.’

Daniel 7:22

7:22 until the Ancient of Days arrived and judgment was rendered 5  in favor of the holy ones of the Most High. Then the time came for the holy ones to take possession of the kingdom.

Daniel 7:27


7:27 Then the kingdom, authority,

and greatness of the kingdoms under all of heaven

will be delivered to the people of the holy ones 6  of the Most High.

His kingdom is an eternal kingdom;

all authorities will serve him and obey him.’

1 tn Some take “serving” here in the sense of “worshiping.”

2 tn Aram “is an eternal authority which will not pass away.”

3 tn Aram “is one which will not be destroyed.”

4 sn The expression holy ones is either a reference to angels or to human beings devoted to God.

5 tc In the LXX, Syriac, and Vulgate the verb is active, understanding “judgment” to be the object rather than the subject of the verb (i.e., “the Ancient of Days rendered judgment”). This presupposes a different vocalization of the verb ( יְהַב [yÿhav] rather than the MT יְהִב [yÿhiv]).

6 tn If the “holy ones” are angels, then this probably refers to the angels as protectors of God’s people. If the “holy ones” are God’s people, then this is an appositional construction, “the people who are the holy ones.” See 8:24 for the corresponding Hebrew phrase and the note there.

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