Daniel 4:6

4:6 So I issued an order for all the wise men of Babylon to be brought before me so that they could make known to me the interpretation of the dream.

Daniel 6:1

Daniel is Thrown into a Lions’ Den

6:1 It seemed like a good idea to Darius to appoint over the kingdom 120 satraps who would be in charge of the entire kingdom.

tn Aram “from me there was placed a decree.”

tn The Aramaic infinitive here is active.

tn Aram “It was pleasing before Darius.”

tn This is a technical term for an official placed in charge of a region of the empire (cf. KJV, NLT “prince[s]”; NCV, TEV “governors”). These satraps were answerable to a supervisor, who in turn answered to Darius.