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Daniel 10:8-9

10:8 I alone was left to see this great vision. My strength drained from 1  me, and my vigor disappeared; 2  I was without energy. 3  10:9 I listened to his voice, 4  and as I did so 5  I fell into a trance-like sleep with my face to the ground.

Daniel 10:17-19

10:17 How, sir, am I able to speak with you? 6  My strength is gone, 7  and I am breathless.” 10:18 Then the one who appeared to be a human being touched me again 8  and strengthened me. 10:19 He said to me, “Don’t be afraid, you who are valued. 9  Peace be to you! Be strong! Be really strong!” When he spoke to me, I was strengthened. I said, “Sir, you may speak now, 10  for you have given me strength.”

1 tn Heb “did not remain in.”

2 tn Heb “was changed upon me for ruin.”

3 tn Heb “strength.”

4 tc Heb “I heard the sound of his words.” These words are absent in the LXX and the Syriac.

5 tn Heb “as I listened to the sound of his words.”

6 tn Heb “How is the servant of this my lord able to speak with this my lord?”

7 tn Heb “does not stand.”

8 tn Heb “He added and touched me.” The construction is a verbal hendiadys.

9 tn Heb “treasured man.”

10 tn Heb “my lord may speak.”

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