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Amos 5:4


5:4 The Lord says this to the family 1  of Israel:

“Seek me 2  so you can live!

Amos 5:14


5:14 Seek good and not evil so you can live!

Then the Lord, the God who commands armies, just might be with you,

as you claim he is.

Amos 5:24


5:24 Justice must flow like torrents of water,

righteous actions 3  like a stream that never dries up.

1 tn Heb “house.”

2 sn The following verses explain what it meant to seek the Lord. Israel was to abandon the mere formalism and distorted view of God and reality that characterized religious activity at the worship sites, as well as the social injustice that permeated Israelite society. Instead the people were to repent and promote justice in the land. This call to seek the Lord echoes the challenge in 4:13 to prepare to meet him as he truly is.

3 tn Traditionally, “righteousness.”

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