Amos 4:2

4:2 The sovereign Lord confirms this oath by his own holy character:

“Certainly the time is approaching

when you will be carried away in baskets,

every last one of you in fishermen’s pots.

Amos 4:13

4:13 For here he is!

He formed the mountains and created the wind.

He reveals his plans to men.

He turns the dawn into darkness

and marches on the heights of the earth.

The Lord, the God who commands armies, is his name!”

Amos 6:11

6:11 Indeed, look! The Lord is giving the command.

He will smash the large house to bits,

and the small house into little pieces.

Amos 6:14

6:14 “Look! I am about to bring a nation against you, family of Israel.”

The Lord, the God who commands armies, is speaking.

“They will oppress you all the way from Lebo-Hamath to the Stream of the Arabah.”

Amos 9:9

9:9 “For look, I am giving a command

and I will shake the family of Israel together with all the nations.

It will resemble a sieve being shaken,

when not even a pebble falls to the ground.