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Acts 7:44

7:44 Our ancestors 1  had the tabernacle 2  of testimony in the wilderness, 3  just as God 4  who spoke to Moses ordered him 5  to make it according to the design he had seen.

1 tn Or “forefathers”; Grk “fathers.”

2 tn Or “tent.”

sn The tabernacle was the tent used to house the ark of the covenant before the construction of Solomon’s temple. This is where God was believed to reside, yet the people were still unfaithful.

3 tn Or “desert.”

4 tn Grk “the one”; the referent (God) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

5 tn The word “him” is not in the Greek text, but is implied. Direct objects were often omitted in Greek when clear from the context, but must be supplied for the modern English reader.

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