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Acts 7:42

7:42 But God turned away from them and gave them over 1  to worship the host 2  of heaven, as it is written in the book of the prophets: ‘It was not to me that you offered slain animals and sacrifices 3  forty years in the wilderness, was it, 4  house of Israel?

1 sn The expression and gave them over suggests similarities to the judgment on the nations described by Paul in Rom 1:18-32.

2 tn Or “stars.”

sn To worship the hosts of heaven. Their action violated Deut 4:19; 17:2-5. See Ps 106:36-43.

3 tn The two terms for sacrifices “semantically reinforce one another and are here combined essentially for emphasis” (L&N 53.20).

4 tn The Greek construction anticipates a negative reply which is indicated in the translation by the ‘tag’ question, “was it?”

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