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Acts 6:3

6:3 But carefully select from among you, brothers, 1  seven 2  men who are well-attested, 3  full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we may put in charge 4  of this necessary task. 5 

Acts 6:8

Stephen is Arrested

6:8 Now Stephen, full of grace and power, was performing great wonders and miraculous signs 6  among the people.

Acts 6:10

6:10 Yet 7  they were not able to resist 8  the wisdom and the Spirit with which he spoke.

1 tn It is not clear from a historical standpoint (but it is unlikely) that women would have been involved in the selection process too. For this reason the translation “brothers” has been retained, rather than “brothers and sisters” (used in contexts where both male and female believers are clearly addressed).

2 sn Seven. Jewish town councils often had seven members (Josephus, Ant. 4.18.14 [4.214]).

3 tn Or “are of good reputation” (BDAG 618 s.v. μαρτυρέω 2.b).

4 tn The translation “put in charge” is given by BDAG 492 s.v. καθίστημι 2.

5 tn Grk “of this need”; translated “necessary work” or “needed task” by L&N 42.22.

6 tn The miraculous nature of these signs is implied in the context. Here the work of miracles extends beyond the Twelve for the first time.

7 tn Grk “and.” The context, however, indicates that the conjunction carries an adversative force.

8 sn They were not able to resist. This represents another fulfillment of Luke 12:11-12; 21:15.

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