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Acts 13:22

13:22 After removing him, God 1  raised up 2  David their king. He testified about him: 3 I have found David 4  the son of Jesse to be a man after my heart, 5  who will accomplish everything I want him to do.’ 6 

Acts 13:36

13:36 For David, after he had served 7  God’s purpose in his own generation, died, 8  was buried with his ancestors, 9  and experienced 10  decay,

1 tn Grk “he”; the referent (God) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

2 sn The expression raised up refers here to making someone king. There is a wordplay here: “raising up” refers to bringing someone onto the scene of history, but it echoes with the parallel to Jesus’ resurrection.

3 tn Grk “about whom.” The relative pronoun (“whom”) was replaced by the pronoun “him” and a new sentence was begun in the translation at this point to improve the English style, due to the length of the sentence in Greek. The verb εἶπεν (eipen) has not been translated (literally “he said testifying”) because it is redundant when combined with the participle μαρτυρήσας (marturhsa", “testifying”). Instead the construction of verb plus participle has been translated as a single English verb (“testified”).

4 sn A quotation from Ps 89:20.

5 sn A quotation from 1 Sam 13:14.

6 tn Or “who will perform all my will,” “who will carry out all my wishes.”

7 tn The participle ὑπηρετήσας (Juphrethsa") is taken temporally.

8 tn The verb κοιμάω (koimaw) literally means “sleep,” but it is often used in the Bible as a euphemism for the death of a believer.

9 tn Or “forefathers”; Grk “was gathered to his fathers” (a Semitic idiom).

10 tn Grk “saw,” but the literal translation of the phrase “saw decay” could be misunderstood to mean simply “looked at decay,” while here “saw decay” is really figurative for “experienced decay.” This remark explains why David cannot fulfill the promise.

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