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2 Chronicles 30:5

30:5 So they sent an edict 1  throughout Israel from Beer Sheba to Dan, summoning the people 2  to come and observe a Passover for the Lord God of Israel in Jerusalem, for they had not observed it on a nationwide scale as prescribed in the law. 3 

2 Chronicles 30:10-11


30:10 The messengers journeyed from city to city through the land of Ephraim and Manasseh as far as Zebulun, but people mocked and ridiculed them. 4  30:11 But some men from Asher, Manasseh, and Zebulun humbled themselves and came to Jerusalem.

2 Chronicles 30:18

30:18 The majority of the many people from Ephraim, Manasseh, Issachar, and Zebulun were ceremonially unclean, yet they ate the Passover in violation of what is prescribed in the law. 5  For Hezekiah prayed for them, saying: “May the Lord, who is good, forgive 6 

1 tn Heb “and they caused to stand a word to cause a voice to pass through.”

2 tn The words “summoning the people” are supplied in the translation for stylistic reasons.

3 tn Heb “because not for abundance had they done as written.”

4 tn Heb “and they were mocking them and ridiculing them.”

5 tn Heb “without what is written.”

6 tn Heb “make atonement for.”

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