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2 Samuel 19:24


19:24 Now Mephibosheth, Saul’s grandson, 1  came down to meet the king. From the day the king had left until the day he safely 2  returned, Mephibosheth 3  had not cared for his feet 4  nor trimmed 5  his mustache nor washed his clothes.

2 Samuel 19:30

19:30 Mephibosheth said to the king, “Let him have 6  the whole thing! My lord the king has returned safely 7  to his house!”

1 tn Heb “son.”

2 tn Heb “in peace.” So also in v. 31.

3 tn Heb “he”; the referent (Mephibosheth) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

4 tn Heb “done his feet.”

5 tn Heb “done.”

6 tn Heb “take.”

7 tn Heb “in peace.”

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