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2 Kings 6:26-27


6:26 While the king of Israel was passing by on the city wall, a woman shouted to him, “Help us, my master, O king!” 6:27 He replied, “No, let the Lord help you. How can I help you? The threshing floor and winepress are empty.” 1 

2 Kings 6:33

6:33 He was still talking to them when 2  the messenger approached 3  and said, “Look, the Lord is responsible for this disaster! 4  Why should I continue to wait for the Lord to help?”

1 tn Heb “From where can I help you, from the threshing floor or the winepress?” The rhetorical question expresses the king’s frustration. He has no grain or wine to give to the masses.

2 tn The Hebrew text also has “look” here.

3 tn Heb “came down to him.”

4 tn Heb “Look, this is a disaster from the Lord.”

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