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2 Kings 2:5

2:5 Some members of the prophetic guild in Jericho approached Elisha and said, “Do you know that today the Lord is going to take your master from you?” He answered, “Yes, I know. Be quiet.”

2 Kings 2:7

2:7 The fifty members of the prophetic guild went and stood opposite them at a distance, while Elijah and Elisha 1  stood by the Jordan.

2 Kings 2:15


2:15 When the members of the prophetic guild in Jericho, 2  who were standing at a distance, 3  saw him do this, they said, “The spirit that energized Elijah 4  rests upon Elisha.” They went to meet him and bowed down to the ground before him.

1 tn Heb “the two of them.” The referents (Elijah and Elisha) have been specified in the translation for clarity.

2 map For location see Map5 B2; Map6 E1; Map7 E1; Map8 E3; Map10 A2; Map11 A1.

3 tn Heb “and the sons of the prophets who were in Jericho, [who were standing] opposite, saw him and said.”

4 tn Heb “the spirit of Elijah.”

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