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1 Chronicles 25:8-9


25:8 They cast lots to determine their responsibilities – oldest as well as youngest, teacher as well as student. 1 

25:9 The first lot went to Asaph’s son Joseph and his relatives and sons – twelve in all, 2 

the second to Gedaliah and his relatives and sons – twelve in all,

1 tn Heb “and they cast lots [for] service, just as like small, like great, teacher with student.”

2 tc Heb “The first lot went to Asaph, to Joseph.” Apparently the recurring formula, “and his sons and his relatives, twelve” has been accidentally omitted from the Hebrew text at this point (see vv. 10-31; the formula is slightly different in v. 9b). If the number “twelve” is not supplied here, the total comes to only 276, not the 288 required by v. 7.

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