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1 Samuel 12:3

12:3 Here I am. Bring a charge against me before the Lord and before his chosen king. 1  Whose ox have I taken? Whose donkey have I taken? Whom have I wronged? Whom have I oppressed? From whose hand have I taken a bribe so that I would overlook something? Tell me, 2  and I will return it to you!”

1 Samuel 12:5

12:5 He said to them, “The Lord is witness against you, and his chosen king 3  is witness this day, that you have not found any reason to accuse me.” 4  They said, “He is witness!”

1 tn Heb “anointed [one].”

2 tn The words “tell me” are supplied in the translation for stylistic reasons.

3 tn Heb “anointed [one].”

4 tn Heb “that you have not found anything in my hand.”

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