1 Kings 6:18

6:18 The inside of the temple was all cedar and was adorned with carvings of round ornaments and of flowers in bloom. Everything was cedar; no stones were visible.

1 Kings 6:32

6:32 On the two doors made of olive wood he carved cherubs, palm trees, and flowers in bloom, and he plated them with gold. He plated the cherubs and the palm trees with hammered gold.

tn Heb “Cedar was inside the temple, carvings of gourds (i.e., gourd-shaped ornaments) and opened flowers; the whole was cedar, no stone was seen.”

tn Heb “carved carvings of.”

tn Heb “he plated [with] gold” (the precise object is not stated).

tn Heb “and he hammered out the gold on the cherubs and the palm trees.”