1 Kings 5:10-13

5:10 So Hiram supplied the cedars and evergreens Solomon needed, 5:11 and Solomon supplied Hiram annually with 20,000 cors of wheat as provision for his royal court, as well as 20,000 baths of pure olive oil. 5:12 So the Lord gave Solomon wisdom, as he had promised him. And Hiram and Solomon were at peace and made a treaty.

5:13 King Solomon conscripted work crews from throughout Israel, 30,000 men in all.

tn Heb “and Hiram gave to Solomon cedar wood and the wood of evergreens, all his desire.”

sn As a unit of dry measure a cor was roughly equivalent to six bushels.

tn Heb “his house.”

tc The Hebrew text has “twenty cors,” but the ancient Greek version and the parallel text in 2 Chr 2:10 read “twenty thousand baths.”

sn A bath was a liquid measure equivalent to almost six gallons.

tn Or “pressed.”

tn Heb “and Solomon supplied Hiram with twenty thousand cors of wheat…pure olive oil. So Solomon would give to Hiram year by year.”

tn Heb “a covenant,” referring to a formal peace treaty or alliance.

tn Heb “raised up.”

sn Work crews. This Hebrew word (מַס, mas) refers to a group of laborers conscripted for royal or public service.