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afflicted, asleep, bent, boiled, bombed, boozy, canned, cataleptic, catatonic, cockeyed, cockeyed drunk, cold, comatose, crocked, crocko, dead, doped, drugged, drunk, drunken, elevated, fried, fuddled, half-conscious, half-seas over, high, hopped-up, illuminated, inebriated, lit, lit up, loaded, lubricated, lushy, muzzy, narcotized, nirvanic, oblivious, oiled, organized, out, out cold, out of it, pickled, pie-eyed, pissed, pissy-eyed, plastered, polluted, potted, raddled, semiconscious, senseless, shellacked, skunk-drunk, smashed, soaked, soused, spaced out, spaced-out, squiffy, stewed, stinko, stoned, strung out, swacked, tanked, tight, unconscious, wiped out, zonked out

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